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How should I care for my shirts?
The best way to care for your shirts is to turn them inside out, washing them on cold. Since all of the shirts have some percentage of cotton, they will tend to shrink a little after being washed and dried. For the least shrinkage, hang dry.

Will the print fade?
Inks of all types will always fade over time as long as they are washed and worn. But the fade might not always be a bad thing!

Allergic to Polyester?
We mainly use Poly/Cotton blended tees and tanks. We understand that there are people allergic to Polyester so it is possible for us to print what you like on 100% Cotton. Send us an email if you need or prefer 100% cotton instead of Poly/Cotton. 

The Salvation Army Southwest Division Partnership
Only shirts purchased from Arizona, New Mexico & Southern Nevada will count towards the donations for the Southwest Division.

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